Buko Pie Appreciation Post

Buko pie. Photo by me

Buko pie. Photo by me

This is a buko pie appreciation post.

Buko pie is basically coconut pie. Nothing more, nothing less. The inside is filled with loads of fresh young coconut “meat” (none of that shredded dry stuff), and when paired with the soft, flaky pie crust, it is just heavenly. Each slice is like a decadent tropical holiday in every bite.

My family recently received “pasulubong” from the Motherland this past week. My relatives back in the Philippines usually send a box of buko pie fresh from a bakery, and of course, they didn’t disappoint.

Excuse me while I help myself to a slice or two.

Grab the recipe for easy buko pie here.


Filipino Household Ingredients: Patis

Thai-branded fish sauce. Beware of its pungency.
Photo by me

Fish sauce, otherwise known in Tagalog as “patis”, is a very common ingredient in my household. Often substituted for salt, fish sauce is extremely salty thanks to its fermentation process, which typically involves fermented fish and seawater. Who knew?

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