VIDEO: Americans Try Filipino Street Food

Filipino street food is a bit funky… but nonetheless delicious.

The video above, uploaded by YouTube channel BuzzFeedYellow, shows Americans trying Filipino street food for the first time. Some familiar favorites include fish balls and turon (deep fried banana/jackfruit spring roll). Their reactions are absolutely hilarious and pretty surprising.

When I last visited the Philippines back in 2006, I remember my family driving through the town of Apalit in the province of Pampanga (which, according to my father, is known to be the “Culinary Capital”) when we pulled over to buy balut (fertilized duck eggs). Oh boy, is that stuff potent.

What Filipino street foods have you tried?


Calamansi: The Philippines’ Signature Citrus Fruit

Citrusy, tart and about the size of a quarter. That’s the calamansi fruit for you.


Ready for picking!
Photo by me

Formally known as calamondin, the calamansi fruit is widely popular in the Philippines. The fruit resembles citrus-like features and is fairly small (about the size of a quarter).

Don’t let the size fool you though. Continue reading