kamayan [kah-mai-yahn] noun – The art of eating with your hands.

Eating kamayan style is a popular tradition in the Philippines. Basically, you use your hands to scoop a little bit of everything on your plate (or on a shared banana leaf). Once you have your food, you then proceed to scoop it in your mouth. It’s a messy job, but it’s a tradition that showcases the tradition and wholesomeness Filipino cuisine entails. Gone are the days of spoons and forks!


Kamayan Style delves in to the craft of Philippine cuisine. While highlighting the finesse of the typical Filipino cookery, this blog also sheds some light on typical Filipino food practices and ingredients.


I swear it’s candid.
Photo by Samantha Sales

My name’s Adrian. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie based in Southern California.

When I’m not eating (which is very rare), I’m usually spending my days as a fourth-year Journalism student at Cal Poly Pomona. I’m also the Lifestyle Editor of The Poly Post, Cal Poly Pomona’s student newspaper.

I also run Dang Good Eats, a blog dedicated to my widespread foodie thoughts and adventures.

Follow @dang.good.eats, my food Instagram!


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