White Rabbit Food Truck: Nostalgic Filipino Flavors at its Finest

The pork sisig burrito! Photo by me

The pork sisig burrito!
Photo by me

I know, I know. I haven’t written about food from the motherland in about a month. Yikes!

However, that’s not entirely true! I’ve reblogged a post that I wrote on my other blog, Dang Good Eats, about the White Rabbit food truck. They focus on Filipino fusion food. I also wrote about their pork sisig burrito.

Definitely give it a read and get your Filipino food fix!

(Also, this blog isn’t dead! I’ve decided to focus on Dang Good Eats a bit more. However, once I see a true Filipino food experience come my way, you can bet you’ll be in the first to know!)


I love Filipino food.

Granted, the statement is a bit biased since I’m Filipino-American, but Filipino food is delicious. The cuisine can generally be viewed as uncanny (I mean, have you heard of balut?), but there’s no denying that Filipino cuisine harnesses flavors that are bold, flavorful and out of the ordinary.

So when I found out White Rabbit was making an appearance close to home this weekend, I was ecstatic.

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