The Ultimate Filipino Cupcake: Ube Cupcake with Leche Flan

Behind the display window. Photo by me

Behind the display window. Photo by me

I’m just as surprised as you. Ube and leche flan are two classics found at the dessert table of every Filipino gathering, yet no one ever thought of fusing the two.

Well, Cafe 86 in Chino Hills, California did just that.

The cafe specializes in Filipino-fused drinks and desserts. Some of their menu items use classic Filipino ingredients and utilize them to fit in the realms of trendy, modern food. Items I’ve seen on their menu include a calamansi hibiscus tea, calamansi bars and ube cinnamon rolls.

What caught my eye, however, was their ube cupcake.

After a visit with a few friends, I finally got to witness it firsthand.

Alas, the ube cupcake with leche flan on top.

Alas, the ube cupcake with leche flan on top. Photo by me

If you need a formal description, Cafe 86’s ube cupcake is topped with leche flan.

Granted, the idea is not that mind blowing. But, one has to admit, why hasn’t anyone ever thought of doing it? I have to hand it to the owners for making the product a reality.

Purple! Photo by me

Purple! Photo by me

Despite the cupcake being too beautiful to eat, the actual product wasn’t that great. The cake, although moist, missed the flavor mark; it tasted more like chocolate than ube.

The leche flan on top was fairly average for the most part. It was nothing special. It was on the firmer side, which I liked. Other than that, it was meh.

I know, it breaks my heart to have to not enjoy this cupcake. But it’s pretty to look at.


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Filipino Cupcake: Ube Cupcake with Leche Flan

    • Hopefully it was just an off day! I paid the cafe a visit recently, and they ran out of the cupcakes for the day. Maybe it’ll taste better a second time around!

      Thanks for the comment!

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