The Ultimate Filipino Cupcake: Ube Cupcake with Leche Flan

Behind the display window. Photo by me

Behind the display window. Photo by me

I’m just as surprised as you. Ube and leche flan are two classics found at the dessert table of every Filipino gathering, yet no one ever thought of fusing the two.

Well, Cafe 86 in Chino Hills, California did just that.

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VIDEO: Adobo (Filipino “Let It Go” Parody)

If you’re still on the Frozen bandwagon, then I have some hilarious news.

YouTuber Mikey Bustos parodied Frozen‘s “Let It Go” with adobo.

Adobo. “Let It Go.” I mean, it was bound to happen, right?

Quite frankly, I’m over the Frozen hype, and if I hear that piano intro again, I may just rip my hair out. But, I can let it slip just once more.

I might have to make some pork carnitas adobo after watching this video.

(By the way, excuse my lack of posts lately. The holidays sure can be relaxing! I recently had this ube/leche flan cupcake the other day, and I’m dying to talk about it in my next blog post! If you’re interested, find the picture of it on my Instagram, @eatfortoday!)