VIDEO: FUNG BROS FOOD: Filipino Food w/ AJ Rafael

If you still feel like you’re not quite grasping the basics of Filipino food, then the video above may teach you a few things about my homeland’s cuisine.

The video features YouTube sensations the Fung Brothers and Richie Le venturing deep in to the scary abyss known as West Covina, Calif. to try Filipino food. They also bring Filipino-American musician AJ Rafael along to give them a rundown on his culture’s food.

The group travels to Filipino fast food branches Jollibee and Red Ribbon, as well as San Gabriel Valley favorites Kusina Ni Lola and Grill City, and samples different Filipino dishes. Some recognizable favorites include chicken adobo (chicken simmered in soy sauce, garlic and vinegar), lechon kawali (pan-roased pork) and sinigang (tamarind soup). Oh, and you might’ve noticed chocolate meat in the video as well.

They don’t leave dessert out either. Bibingka (coconut rice cake), mamon (Filipino sponge cake) and halo-halo (mixed fruit dessert) make appearances as well.

Towards the end, Rafael mentions the 4 F’s of Filipino food: family, friends, food and Filipinos. If that isn’t the epitome of Filipino cuisine, then I don’t know what is.


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