VIDEO: FUNG BROS FOOD: Filipino Food w/ AJ Rafael

If you still feel like you’re not quite grasping the basics of Filipino food, then the video above may teach you a few things about my homeland’s cuisine.

The video features YouTube sensations the Fung Brothers and Richie Le venturing deep in to the scary abyss known as West Covina, Calif. to try Filipino food. They also bring Filipino-American musician AJ Rafael along to give them a rundown on his culture’s food.

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A Halloween Meal to Fear


What’s cooking this Halloween?
Photo by Marshall Astor, bob walker, and @roxsey45 via Instagram ©

Attention, brave eaters and Filipino food lovers alike.

In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve concocted a three-course prix fixe menu featuring exotic Filipino foods that you can serve to a loved one.

Granted, one look at these dishes can send said loved one running for the hills. But alas, these dishes are enjoyed everyday by Filipinos across the globe. Why? They’re just so darn good.

Beware, folks. This post is not for the lighthearted.

Bon appétit and happy Halloween.

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VIDEO: Americans Try Filipino Street Food

Filipino street food is a bit funky… but nonetheless delicious.

The video above, uploaded by YouTube channel BuzzFeedYellow, shows Americans trying Filipino street food for the first time. Some familiar favorites include fish balls and turon (deep fried banana/jackfruit spring roll). Their reactions are absolutely hilarious and pretty surprising.

When I last visited the Philippines back in 2006, I remember my family driving through the town of Apalit in the province of Pampanga (which, according to my father, is known to be the “Culinary Capital”) when we pulled over to buy balut (fertilized duck eggs). Oh boy, is that stuff potent.

What Filipino street foods have you tried?